American Heart Association Training Center

General Student Questions

When will I receive my AHA eCard?

You will receive your AHA eCard at the end of the class upon successful completion of the course.

Do I need to purchase the course book?

It is an AHA requirement that you must have access to the latest edition of the course book. You have the option of bringing your own, purchasing the book when you register.

Is Continuing Education available?

Yes, Continuing Education is offered for many of our courses. To find more information on how to claim your CEU’s click this link:

What should I wear?

You will be demonstrating your skills on a padded mat with a mannequin on the floor so wear comfortable clothing.

How long are your classes?

The course information is listed in detail on each course page, please take the time to read all course information before signing up for a class.

Once I register for the class, can I reschedule?

Yes, you may reschedule from our Reschedule Page. Please refer to our Refund Policies for more detailed information about refunds.

Can I get a refund for the course?

Please refer to our Refund Policies for a detailed information about course refunds.

What if I am running late for a class?

It is your responsibility to come to the course you registered for on time, but we also understand there could be reasons beyond your control that can cause tardiness. If you are more then 15-20 minutes late you may be asked to reschedule your class as all our classes start on time. If you are running late for a class, please call asap to let the instructor know. It is up to the discretion of the instructor if you can still attend the course.

Do I have to register and pay online?

Yes, you must register on our website prior to the class? Register Now


Can I take any Updated / Renewal Course if my card is expired?

No, you must have a nonexpired certification of the course you are attending to attend any Updated / Renewal Course.

If I do the Fast Track option, when will I receive the information on how to do the online part?

Details on how to complete the online portion of your Fast Track course will be provided in your registration email. You will be required to create a account in order to access.

Course Specific Questions

Are your courses American Heart Association?

Yes, we are an authorized AHA Training Center and teach AHA BLA, ACLS, PALS and AHA Heartsaver Courses, CPR/AED, CPR/AED & First Aid, and First Aid only.

What type of certification do I need for CPR?

If you are in Healthcare, you need BLS, if you are not in healthcare you need the AHA Heartsaver CPR Course. Find your location today.

Does BLS cover CPR/AED?

Yes, the course focusses on one rescuer and two rescuer CPR techniques for healthcare providers. Which includes AED training.

Do I need to have BLS before taking ACLS or PALS?

Yes, BLS is the foundation for ACLS and PALS, you must have a non-expired BLS Certification before attending the course.

Can I just do the BLS Add-On when I take ACLS if I do not have a current card BLS Certification?

No, the BLS add on can only be added to the course if your BLS Certification is not expired. If your BLS Certification is expired, you are not eligible for the BLS Add-On.

You have the option to register for the BLS Fast Track Course. This can be scheduled for the same day as your ACLS training. YOu will leave class with your BLS & ACLS Certification.

Does the Heartsaver CPR/AED teach First Aid?

No, however, there is the online/in-person AHA Hybrid Course that covers CPR/AED with First Aid. Find your location today.

What if I already took the Heartsaver CPR/AED course and I now need First Aid?

You can register for an Online/In-Person Hybrid First Aid only course. Find your location today.

Promo Code Questions

How do your Promo Codes and Discounts work?

Promo Codes are only valid for traditional course types and only valid when paying online. Only one Promo Code can be used per transaction. Discounts are not available for Online Fast-Track or Skills Testing Courses. Click here to see Discounts

Do your Promo Codes and Discounts work for the online courses?

No, Promo Codes and Discounts are not available for Fast-Track or Skills Testing Courses online courses, only for traditional course types and only valid when paying online.